Monthly A/Exposure Contest


A/Exposure: Enter A/Exposure

Enter your script to this month's A/Exposure contest and get a chance to win the exposure your script deserves!

What You Get

  • We work with some of the best known and successful producers in the world who are ready, willing and able to pay first time writers up to $500,000 to option the right screenplay, book, play or article. If they are interested you get to keep ALL of the option money, we do not charge you a fee.
  • The winner is additionally eligible for up to $70,000 in option moneys from our sponsor rossWWmedia, Corp.
  • You will receive a free Gold Consult on your script
  • Your script will be submitted to various production companies and studios.
  • We will host your script on our website, not in some hard to reach file, somewhere at the back of the site with hundreds of other scripts competing for attention, but right up front on our home page, in prime territory, so that the thousands of industry professionals from all over the world, who visit our site can take a look at it.
  • All entries will be considered for representation by TalentScout Management

Annually, our sites are visited by over 250,000 producers, studio executives, directors, actors, writers etc., from ALL over the world. People in Europe are especially keen on material penned by American writers. This radically increases your chances of being bought and produced. We work with several individuals who, apart from the material they sell in the U.S., make a great living out of scripts sold to Germany and France etc., which are quickly translated and put into production.

Submission Details and Entry Fees

As long as the projects are emailed by the indicated dates, the submission will qualify for that entry fee

  • Early entry (1st-15th of the month): $29
  • Late entry (16th-31st of the month): $39

When you're ready to submit your project:

Apply Online
Enter online now by clicking this link. Be ready to attach your project to the online form (Please use PDF, RTF (rich text format), Microsoft Word Doc, or Final Draft formats.


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